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Visual Art

Visual Arts

Students will have exposure to and develop an ongoing knowledge of art materials and processes using the elements of art and the principles of design. They will develop an appreciation of the purpose of art as a means of personal expression and its significance through cultures and history. The visual arts program at NHAMS follows the established New London elementary visual arts curriculum. The visual arts curriculum has been developed and organized to ensure that students learn the essential elements and principles of art which are considered the foundations of making and understanding art. This allows us to scaffold skills and concepts with increasing difficulty and refinement as students grow in maturity while also providing flexibility of presentation via projects. The visual art curriculum also embraces the National Core Arts Standards in lesson development. 

Grade Level Focus

In kindergarten, students use a variety of art tools and materials. Through guided practice and experimentation, they learn the endless possibilities of how tools and materials can be manipulated for desired results.  

In first grade, students become line and shape experts. By experiencing the different ways lines and shapes are made and combined, builds the skills necessary to becoming proficient art makers.  In grade two, we focus on pattern and texture. These elements add detail and vibrancy to artwork.

In second grade, students explore how pattern and texture can add detail and vibrancy to works of art. They begin to discuss artist choice and purpose.
In third grade, students focus on color and color theory. We cover the full color spectrum and beyond. Students identify and use many color schemes and combinations and express their emotional content.

In fourth grade, students covers form and movement. Students practice using value to create the illusion of form in 2-dimensional works. They also use 2 and 3 dimensional materials to express visual movement. 

In fifth grade, students learn about balance and space in artwork. How do artists compose an artwork to make it pleasing to the eye, what are the conventions of organizing artistic elements we can choose to use, and how do we use these conventions to judge our own and others' work? These are a few of the questions we delve into during our time together.

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