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Commitment to Equity


We are committed to seeing our students as they are and accept them with all that makes them unique. At NHAMS we are committed to equity for all and engage in inclusive practices to ensure every single child feels a sense of belonging. We have a diverse student population from various races, economic backgrounds, and abilities.

We stand behind the National Magnet School Standards of Excellence - Standard 2: Diversity and Equity District and school-based policies and activities to attract and retain students support racial, ethnic and socio-economic integration. All classrooms reflect the demographic diversity in the district and community, and educators demonstrate a commitment to teaching in a diverse setting

Beyond inclusion, we strive to ensure our students see themselves in the literature they/we read, the examples of excellence we expose them to and above all in the fabric of what is NHAMS. As a public school, it is our belief that students should not have to pay for anything to ensure equal access to all we have to offer. We make every effort to be honest and open about various perspectives as it relates to equity in our community at large and make those into teachable moments.