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About Our School

The Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School provides students from Pre-K through grade 5 an integrated learning environment that combines traditional academics with an arts curriculum that includes vocal and instrumental music, visual art, dance, theatre, creative writing, and interdisciplinary arts. Utilizing research-based teaching and learning practices in reading, mathematics, science, technology and the arts, students will make interdisciplinary connections, and engage in project-based learning. The school will explicitly teach all facets of the production cycle, and students will create projects for both school-based and outside audiences. Instruction in core academic areas, as well as participation in live performances and public showcases of their work, will provide students with challenging learning activities that will develop their ability to demonstrate creativity, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and assume leadership roles.

The school will seek to transcend the work of a traditional elementary school. Teachers will focus on educating the whole child and on developing a community of learners that values the work of all individuals. This is especially important in the upper elementary grades because there is often a need to build intra- and interpersonal skills related to self-confidence, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and teamwork.